Helping Builders stay on track

Sitewire is an end-to-end construction draw platform from field to cloud. Builders request loan funds and prove work anytime on a simple mobile app and then get funded by their lender in hours.
Borrower happy with their lender

Consistent, Accurate Progress Monitoring

Loan draws are inspected and valued by a national network of experienced, licensed GCs who evaluate progress from Day 1 to completion

Budget Management & Communications

Eliminate emails and spreadsheets via automatic approval workflows, accounting, borrower communications and receipt and lien waiver collection


Secure borrowers' banking data and reduced data entry labor and mistakes with automatic payments and project reconciliation

Reduce project risk and build repeat lending relationships

  • Poor cashflow is the #1 cause of construction cost overruns and project failures
  • When loan draws are reduced or delayed, subs and workers go to other jobs that pay faster
  • Sitewire keeps funds flowing with quick virtual inspections, automatic budget tracking and instant payments

“Our cashflow is better than ever and we now seek out lenders on Sitewire”

Doug Ingersoll, Park West Properties
Eliminated frantic borrower phone calls, texts and emails wanting to know where their cash is
1 hour
Average inspection turnaround time from our network of GC review partners
Of draws approved and disbursed by lenders in 24 hours
Because it's so easy and costs less, borrowers do twice the number of draws, reducing project risk

A simple, secure way to get things done faster than ever

Desktop Inspection by GCs

Builders use a simple mobile app to keep tabs on their budget and request funds against completed work by entering money amounts and simply panning their phone around a room or site

Progress Valuation

GCs are armed with local job cost data and intelligent computer vision to evaluate overall progress as well as potential fraud or project problems

Builder Communications

Dramatically reduce borrower phone calls and emails with automatic notifications that also allow borrowers to respond with lien waivers, receipts and other documents

Back Office Automation

The platform automatically handles budget reconciliation, reallocations and workflows across lenders, borrowers and capital partners, keeping everyone on task
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“We spend less time on paperwork and can check multiple job sites any time"
Gabriel Rodriguez,
Inland Holdings

Real Estate Investors use Sitewire to manage their own progress checks and fundings across far-flung sites

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