The modern draw process for real estate

On demand, accurate construction inspections with integrated draw tracking and funding
Virtual Inspections

Win borrowers and dominate your market

Get borrowers inspected and
funded the same day
  • Desktop inspections with optional independent, licensed GCs completed in a couple of hours
  • Informed by real-time material and labor costs across 3,000 USA counties for 70 million items
  • Verification aided by sensor data, receipt collection and AI computer vision insights
  • Continuous monitoring and consistency from project start to finish
Easy field app
Instant cloud review by GCs
Process Automation

Improve Profitability

Enjoy lower inspection and back office costs
  • Save up to 50% on inspection fees versus old methods
  • Use a full suite of draw tracking, funding and reconciliation tools to automate everything
Communication and Collaboration

Scale without chaos

Increase capital sources and deal volume without increasing headcount
  • Real-time communications eliminates hundreds of borrower emails and phone calls
  • Customizable workflows allows you to add capital partners without adding reporting overhead
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"Projects get done faster"

-Doug Ingersoll, Park West Properties