Same Day Virtual Draw Inspections for Construction Lending

Draw Inspections are the top reason that borrowers switch away from lenders—95% of your borrower relationship is forged after the loan closes.

Why Choose The #1 Virtual Draw Inspection Service?

  • Zero Scheduling Process Incorporating Expert GC Review: Sitewire combines bullet-proof, easy mobile app technology coupled with expert, independent remote GC inspectors. Borrowers can request draws whenever they want and Sitewire gets them fully reviewed, valued and ready for your approval in a matter of hours.

  • Market-Leading AI-Powered Anti-Fraud Technology: Lenders, REITs, institutional investors, note buyers, and global insurers have all validated and accepted Sitewire's proven mobile and AI technologies, which significantly reduce fraud risk to levels below traditional draw processing and field inspection.

  • Draw Communications & Control Over Final Valuation and Adjustments: Draw inspections integrate seamlessly with borrower collaboration, document collection, and approval tools. This integration reduces the need for extensive phone and email communication with both the borrower and across the draw team.

Features at a Glance:

  • Offline-capable Smartphone App: Conduct thorough virtual inspections using even the oldest smartphones, providing real-time progress updates from rural sites, basements, and thick concrete structures that are typically beyond mobile coverage.

  • Robust Sensor Data Collection & AI Analysis: The app collects GPS, time-on-site, heading, elevation and other proprietary sensor data to fully evaluate sitework and power 3D walkthrough technology. AI object detection and budget analysis aids expert GC review.

  • Integrated Document Collection and Management: Collect and centralize receipts, lien waivers, title date downs and more.

  • Real time Communication Tools: Facilitate efficient and transparent interactions between lenders and borrowers with our integrated communication tools, streamlining the entire draw inspection process.