Site Check for Proactive Project Oversight 

Optimize your construction lending oversight with Site Check. This platform tool allows lenders to achieve total visibility between draw disbursements, and help you get ahead of potential delays and problems. 

Check on any site, any time

  • Stay Informed: With Site Check, you can remotely evaluate a job site at any time. Use it to investigate why draws haven’t been requested, check for weather damage, provide insurers with progress updates, or simply satisfy your curiosity. Site checks are easy, fast, and affordable, available whenever you need them for any reason.

  • Customize for a Range of Project Types: Get project oversight with tailored templates for any need during the lifespan of work. Templates can be reused across all projects and customized for any kind of property and project types.

  • Reduce Risk: Gain a complete understanding of slow moving projects and get ahead of project failures, borrower insolvency, and other threats to repayment.

Features at a Glance:

  • Offline-capable Smartphone App: Conduct thorough virtual inspections using any smartphone, and get a real-time view of ongoing construction work.

  • Robust Sensor Data Collection: The app collects GPS, time-on-site, heading, elevation and other sensor data to fully understand the jobsite and power 3D walkthrough technology.

  • Integrated Document Collection and Management: Collect and centralize documentation on receipts, lien waivers, title date downs and more.

  • Real time Communication Tools: Facilitate efficient and transparent interactions between lenders and borrowers with our integrated communication tools, streamlining the entire draw inspection process.