One-Click Draw Disbursement for Lenders

Bank logins and wire transfers often add an extra day to the draw process. With Sitewire, you can speed up cash disbursements to borrowers and enhance financial control with one-click payments.

Why One-Click Draw Payments?

  • Instant Payment Keeps Work Moving: Our platform enables lenders to execute payments with a single click, streamlining the draw disbursement process and ensuring that borrowers can pay their crews on the same day.

  • Eliminate errors and busywork across bank portals and reconciliation. All transactions are tracked within a unified platform and associated with the originating bank and draw, ensuring transparency and seamless financial management.

  • Reduce Manual Accounting Calculations: The platform calculates your final release amounts including holdbacks and fees.

Features at a Glance:

  • One-Click Disbursements & Auto-Reconcile: Release funds to borrowers with a single click up to $1M in the same day, streamlining the payment process and instantly associating draws, processing fees, borrower LLCs and banks.

  • Full Ledger: A comprehensive ledger tracks payments made both inside and outside Sitewire, providing a unified view of all draw and post-origination disbursements..

  • Bank Grade Data Security and Transaction Safety: Enables both lenders and borrowers to securely share and store their critical data with trusted, regulated Sitewire partners insured by the FDIC.