Real Mobile Apps that Work Anywhere and Gather Critical Site Sensor Data

Sitewire is the only draw management platform with native Android and Apple mobile apps loved and used every day by thousands of real estate investors and their contractors.

Why Sitewire?

  • Seamless Offline Functionality: Our apps empower users to collect essential data without an internet connection, capturing unlimited media and robust sensor information, whether in a rural location or a basement.

  • Full Hardware Control for 100% Authentic GPS Readings: Most progress-capture apps used in real estate extract GPS readings from each photo or video file, creating opportunities for fraud on the device or across networks. However, Sitewire's native mobile apps have full hardware control and banking-grade network encryption across wireless networks, allowing us to independently take hundreds of GPS readings to verify locations and track users throughout job sites.

  • Full Hardware Control for Sensor Data Collection: Sitewire goes beyond GPS to take full advantage of all the amazing hardware that’s available on both current and older phones. Our team created the sensor products now streamlining Commercial Construction and brings this expertise to homebuilding.

  • Built for Field Collaboration: Sitewire mobile apps can be used across borrower, contractor and worker users to ensure data collection is easy, fast and robust.