AI, Data & Services

Sitewire is the only draw management platform that incorporates cost, permit, and contractor performance data. However, data is just the beginning. Construction is complex, and we provide AI assistance and optional third-party expert GCs to assist you at every stage of project conception and execution.

Why Sitewire?

  • Advanced AI technology: AI is used in our platform to help evaluate budgets, identify objects in virtual inspections and to synthesize our revolutionary 3D walkthroughs.

  • Expert general contractors a click away: Our network of licensed and insured general contractors provides authoritative opinions and verifications of construction progress. These professionals validate and value work in accordance with your policies.

  • Proprietary data feeds and comprehensive analytics: Sitewire incorporates a national data feed of local labor and material costs by zip code or county, along with a feed that tracks permits and provides ratings for borrowers' general contractors. We combine this data with our own to create a comprehensive data lake, accessible through our web app or via API connection.