Gain immersive insight into your assets

Enhance lending service operations with Sitewire's 3D Visual Progress Technology. This technology converts smartphone videos and photos into 3D imagery, enabling virtual inspections that take you directly to the site.

Why 3D Visual Progress Technology?

  • Deeper Inspection: Our proprietary technology offers an immersive view of your properties, far surpassing the industry's standard inspection reports that include only a few small images. With Sitewire's 3D tech, you won't miss anything.

  • Improved before and after insight: Seamlessly monitor construction progress through detailed before and after 3D visualizations, creating a better sense of what's going on and how the borrower performs work.

  • Integrated Platform Efficiency: This technology integrates directly into the Sitewire platform, providing a unified view of financial and visual progress.

How it works

  • Smartphone Simplicity: No special cameras, equipment or training required—the borrower uses any smartphone.

  • Site Reconstruction via Sensor Data: We leverage AI and sensor data to synthesize a 3D model of the property and overlay media from the wide range of camera types and quality levels on smartphones.

  • Now Available for Homebuilding: 3D reconstruction has been trusted extensively in commercial construction for years but the entry price is typically $50,000 to $100,000. Now you can teleport yourself to a jobsite for as little as $15.