Platform Overview

A borrower service solution that connects Capital Partners, Lenders, Borrowers, and Contractors in high-speed workflows unique to your business needs

Hybrid Virtual Inspections

Simple Signup

Through a simple invite process, borrowers get access to one or multiple properties with their budget pre-loaded

Easy Progress Capture

Collecting photos, videos and notes takes 10-20 minutes for most properties. Hundreds of borrowers find it easy, and love using it

Quick GC Feedback

Independent GCs review everything and get in touch with borrowers to clear anything up or get more documentation

Automated Report Generation

In addition to central online data, a comprehensive PDF progress report is produced for internal ops and Capital Partners

Cloud Tools To Supercharge Draw Operations

Budget Builder & Reallocations

Easy tools to upload or build budgets and collaborate with borrowers on reallocations and change orders

Custom Status Updates

Build a customized status update workflow that matches your draw process and notifies borrowers when things happen

Custom Workflows

Configure a draw process that reflects your requirements for approval sequence, holdbacks, release calculations, draw fees, wire fees, Capital Partners and more

Borrower Portal

Borrowers can track their budgets, share docs, and communicate with inspectors and lenders

get actionable data via charts and API

Draw Velocity

Slow  Projects


Top Performers

Common Questions

How does this work with Capital Partners?

Sitewire integrates your capital partners into the process. In addition to receiving a PDF report of inspections, buyers can be involved in the approval chain. Select financial institutions are directly integrated with Sitewire via API and can automatically reimburse or directly pay draws on a schedule or in a batch.

How does this work with my existing process?

Setting up properties and budgets is a 10-20 second process with a variety of easy data transfer tools. Sitewire also offers tools to have the borrower "set up" the property and negotiate budgets before the loan originates. Lastly, Sitewire offers an API to loan origination systems and

Can I white label this?

Yes, your logo is displayed and all notifications to borrowers appear to come from your firm.

Does this work with onsite inspections?

Yes. Sitewire gives you a web form that allows borrowers to request draw from your website, and the cloud tools help you order and track the inspection from your preferred vendor. Using Sitewire for traditional inspections centralizes all your asset data, borrower communications and loan budget tracking into one place.

Virtual Inspector

Delight a borrower today with Sitewire