The draw process,
updated for the
21st century

Reduce draw cycle times, impress borrowers,
and brand yourself as an innovator

Why Sitewire?

Instant Inspection


Eliminate inspection scheduling and spreadsheet-based draw requests

More accurate
and consistent results

The same experienced, licensed GC armed with local cost data and anti-fraud AI tools stays with the project from start to finish

Frees up
the back office

Streamline the entire draw process—eliminate hundreds of phone calls, emails, and spreadsheet updates

Automates slow, manual draw tasks

Configure a workflow that matches your unique process

Inspection Requirements

Expense Collection

Custom Checklists

Approval Sequence

Funding Accounts

Dead Simple Site Scanning

We’ve made virtual site inspections easy for anyone to perform, without any specialized cameras or training. RE investors and their crews of all ages and backgrounds have used Sitewire for thousands of condition updates and draw requests.

Data to the cloud
Man interacting with phone.

Keeps everyone
informed and moving

Via text and email, we’ll keep you and your borrowers intelligently notified of what needs to happen next—eliminating hundreds of emails and phone calls.

Budget Tracking and Analytics

Sitewire centralizes and manages the project budget while helping you understand draw processing times, score borrowers, and identify at-risk projects.

Analytics Dashboard
Sean Olleck

“We have more borrowers coming to us because of this solution”

– Sean Ollek,
Park Place Finance

Park Place Finance

Give your team the #1 solution for virtual inspection, progress monitoring and draw management

  • Modern and Borrower-Friendly

    Software should make work easier, not complicate it. Every mobile and web screen in Sitewire was designed by ex-Apple engineers so everyone can act fast and get back to what they were doing.

  • Safe and Secure

    GPS, sensor data, AI computer vision, and advanced encryption are used to protect against fraud and lock down sensitive borrower banking information.

  • Powered by Real Time, Local Cost Data

    Sitewire is the only construction inspection and draw automation solution powered by a database of 70 million local labor and materials costs.

  • Modify Budgets and Inspection Values with Ease

    Get a full suite of tools to reallocate budgets and manage reimbursement amounts in real-time.

  • Private Labeled

    Stand out as an innovator with branded borrower portals and messaging.

Sitewire app on on phone, tablet and laptop

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