Immerse in the
"Built World"

Join a team helping tackle the historic housing shortage. Our customers are renewing the country's housing stock and financing denser multi-unit builds wherever zoning allows. At Sitewire, you'll get a front-row seat to both the real estate and construction businesses, and see how the 'built world' is developed.

Inspection Network

We're always adding to our network of licensed general contractors that have at least 5 years experience in residential rehab and ground-up projects. We require bonding and insurance and prefer working with LLCs.

Tech Team

We are pushing the envelope on what's possible with mobile cameras, sensors, lidar and ML. We also focus on being world-class at simplicity and making an integrated mobile and cloud experience pure delight.

Lender and Borrower Success

Our hours are focused on helping our borrowers and lenders get through their day—which are full of deal closings, wire cutoffs and nonstop surprises